welcome to your
14-day mini course

A pot pourri of activities to get you going:

/ Shadowing.vers.01 / Shadowing.vers.02 / 

 / Guess the Question/ Guess the Answer /  

And don’t you miss good old-fashioned Dictation!! 

/ Creative visualization of both concrete and abstract concepts / 

New ways to Match : 

audios and images ; 

/ Qs with As and As with Qs /  

And much much more….!!!

Fun for all the family. 😉 Just KIDDING@! 

Some General Advice
For You Before You Start

Almost all of the activities and exercises can be done on your mobile. We advise strong against this, however, since it does not always encourage full concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Set aside at least 15 minutes a day for the next 14 days for each activity; this will include a 1 or 2 minute psyching up mental warm up and a 50 second cool-down. 

It is possible to do all of the exercises in one day. This is NOT advisable.   I guarantee that by the time you finish, you will be able to  engage in the following more confidently, with more energy, clarity and enthusiasm…

  • Feel English
  • Creatively Visualize things in English
  • Use Your Imagination in English
  • Think in English in a different way (In your native language, too)


Please switch off your mobile phones and leave them as far away as possible…

Day #00
Introduction to your mini-course

Before you start.. 

Please take a closer look at some of the explainer videos we have prepared, especially for Days #01 through #03 of this mini-course. All the buttons and bells and whistles are explained with examples. Not watching them is not really an option. In other words, “Don’t be a mug! Watch the explainer vids!” Today’s activity 1) will probably take the longest to complete; and 2) ranks as the MOST IMPORTANT of all of them.  Why?  Because you get to know the how its and the why you are doing it.-  the core key learning ingredients…?????????????

watch the vids

Day #01 :-
Talking about where you live Part #01

From the BYOD aka Build your Own Dialogue Course, here BYOD0101. Practice talking about where you’re living; hometown; population; best time to visit. This kind of exercise is good elementary prep for spoken part of the IELTS exam.

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Day #02 :-
Do you prefer Fay’s book or Facebook?

Intensive Pronunciation Exercises.. Some of the most difficult mouth and lip exercises.  Does your tongue do what you tell it to do? Or is it a rebel? Here, we show you how to get your tongue to do what you tell it to do. Make sure it knows the difference between final ‘s’s and final ‘z’s. 


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Day #02 :-
Talking about where you live Part #02

From the BYOD0102,  more practice asking and answering about the meat and potatoes of life: here,  unusual things to do or places to visit; specialist food to eat; how are the people where you live;  is it a noisy or quiet place…

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Day #03 :-
MADAD aka Memorizing a Dialogue A Day

This is your first recall and / or recycle and /or repetition of what I hope you learnt on the first day of the course… a  kind of test of how much you remember- of that first activity?  Did I happen to mention about the importance of repeating / repetition / repetition.???

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Day #03 :-
Talking about where you live Part #03

From BYOD0103, here you practise: giving further information on your town; asking is it safe or dangerous; giving opinions on CCTV cameras and facial recognition software

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Day #04
Review & Recycle plus Working on your Fluency

Activities include: Getting Stress Right in Questions; Matching Audio Qs & As; Filling in Blanks in Anti-Grammar Grammar Review);Dictation;  Read Sentences Aloud then Check;  How to Converse with an Alien: Guessing Questions. Some of these are general revision and revisiting Elementary Level Concepts while the rest are a testing of some things you should know….

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Day #05


Topic: Posture>> Are you sitting comfortably? An activity with one of the highest language learning R.O.I.  You can never do enough listening and repeating if you want to get a feel of the language.  Grab the original text and run it through GoogleTranslate to get the gist of it in your language. Note that neither deep nor comprehensive understanding is required here.  Your principal objective here is to just GET THE FEEL of language

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Day #06
Intensive Pronunciation Practice:-
Plus Common Sense Training

After listening, MATCH each STATEMENT with its NATURAL and logical RESPONSE.

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Day #07

….. and / or watch a video that is guaranteed to  improve 1) your ability to draw and 2) your memorization skills …and think and feel the language…  .

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Day #08
Shadowing of a Different Kind.

Listen to the original, speak, record your voice and repeat. Listen to original again and compare. Is your vocal creation good enough? If yes, move on. If not, go back and try again. 

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Day #09
Play with your Mind

Play with your mind indeed with a selection of activities guaranteed to entertain you in an annoying though informative way that will stick with you for life…. forever

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Day #10
Challenge your English Mind

You’ll need to be able to think in English with this challenging little collection of mind- expanding activities. Make sure you have your English wits about you for some of these!!

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Day #11
Creative Visualization

Practise energising the Power of  Creative Visualization in the Memorization Procedure.  Feel a host of associated benefits in the process. 

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Day #12
Affirmations and Motivational Mantras

Affirmations to memorize that will make you trick yourself into improving your English. Saying to yourself “I can!” is sure better than saying “I can’t“. Let’s banish negativity!!

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Day #13:>
A quiz!!

The point of this is not to test your general knowledge but to get you practice making questions & memorizing common interrogative paradigms….Very useful in the pursuit of the answers- big and small- knowledge and the like ….


Day #14
Final Day’s Exercise

Yes, this is the final day and nothing too demanding here, nothing mentally exhausting to do that we forced you to do. How has it all been for you! Excellent I hope.

Watch the video here and it might completely change the way you study and therefore change your life.

How drawing helps you think | Ralph Ammer.

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