Day #10

Day #10 Challenge your English Mind

You’ll need to be able to think in English with this challenging little collection of mind- expanding activities. 

Make sure you have your English wits about you!

Some will take you to a place the border between  sanity and a mad place…(It’s where I am at this moment in the midst of another crazy lockdown.

Melbourne, Australia, 

8th of September, 2020


#01. Word Dragging and Dropping into boxes

Guess the words first before looking at the words below.

#02. Fill in the Blanks & Multiple Choice Combo

Check your grammar and use of words with this delightful combination

#03. Drag and drop IMAGES to TEXT

Using your Creative Imagination  in remembering Memory Images. For maximum effect, CREATE your OWN! 

#04. Listen & Write ie Dictation

Listen Carefully and Write the Sentences you Hear.

#05. Speak the Words ie Read and Say

Speaking slowly and with clear enunciation, say the words you can see.