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.... 大人のための日常の対話 ....and shadowing.....
absolutely, one of the most terrifyingly powerful tools for developing your fluency and building your confidence.
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Module #1: Talking about Where You Live

Day #01

Day #02

Day #03

Before continuing, it is advisable that you do the 4Rs (REENACT, REVISE, RECALL & RECYCLE) .
If you do not use these questions on a daily basis, you ABSOLUTELY need to bring all of the preceding back to mind regularly.
For one idea on how to carry out the 4Rs session go here.

This is the same video as the above. This time please use it as a REview.
Turn the volume off. Use the Memory Images as triggers to recall each question.

Use Your
Creative Imagination
to RE-MEMBER the dialogues.

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Day #05

Module #2: Talking about Preferences

Day #06

beer or wine

Day #07

button for train or bus

Day #08

rice or potatoes eat

The Memory Images in the videos below are
to assist in RE-MEMBERING the dialogues.
Create your own using your
Creative Imagination.

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Day #10

Module #3: Talking about Daily Routine

Day #11

wake up what time

Day #12

time you finish work

Day #13

time you leave for work
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Day #15

Module #4: Talking about Work #1

Day #16

icon respond to email

Day #17

listen to a speech

Day #18

daily activities for adults
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Day #20

Module #5: Talking about Social Media

Day #21

social media man here

Day #22

I love many things

Day #23

problem maze
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Day #25: Anki Review

Module #6: Talking about your Favourite Things

Day #26

what do you do

Day #27

Day #28

The following videos are to assist in
. using your
Creative Imagination.

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Day #30


MOD#01: Talking about Where you Live
Where you’re living; hometown; population; best time to visit; unusual things or places; specialist food; people; noisy or quiet; safe or dangerous; opinions on CCTV cameras and facial recognition software

MOD#02: Talking about Preferences
Beer/wine; tea/coffee; Seasons; modes of transport; music; pasta vs noodles; TV or Internet; vacation preferences

MOD#03: Talking about Daily Routine
Wake up and get up times; time you leave home/start and finish work; breaks; dinner and bedtimes

MOD#04: Talking about Work #1
Experiences ..Have you ever letter/fax; attend conference; given speech; Talks and presentations; talking on the phone in English; vidcons; written daily reports; entertained foreign visitors

MOD#05: Talking about Social Media
Which ones you use; opinions on personal info; friends; problems of; privacy; FOMO

MOD#06: Talking about your Favourite Things
Your job; birthplace; colours; food; drink; movie stars; writers; turn-ons & turn-offs


MOD#01: Talking about Where you Live

Q1 Where are you living at the moment?
A1 I’m living in Ho Chi Minh.
Q2 What’s your hometown?
A2 My hometown is Vienna.
Q3 What’s the population of your hometown?
A3 Somewhere between 1.8 and 2.6 million people. It depends on how you calculate.
Q4 What’s the best time of year to visit your hometown?
A4 All year round. From January to December.

Q5 What are some unusual things you can do there or unique places to visit?
A5 Yes, check out the visionary paintings of Brueghel at the Museum of Fine Arts. Be surprised……( and have a Viennese coffee.)
Q6 Is there a particular food your hometown is famous for?
A6 Wiener Schnitzel is gorgeous. You must try it. It’s the epicenter of Viennese cuisine.
Q7 Is it a friendly place?
A7 Yes, the people are very friendly.
Q8 Is the air or water polluted?
A8 Air quality is one of the highest in the world. The water contains an insignificant number of pollutants.

Q9 Is it a noisy or a quiet place?
A9 The amount of unwanted noise we experience in Vienna is negligible.
Q10 Is it safe or dangerous to walk the streets at night?
A10 I can assure you. Both men and woman can feel perfectly safe anywhere in the city.
Q11 Are CCTV cameras used to monitor any public spaces?
A11 There are a few cameras in busy locations that report on the current traffic situation. There are also surveillance cameras in stations and on trains.
Q12 Do you approve of the use of facial recognition technology? For the surveillance of the public?
A12 No, I do not. I disapprove most strongly.

MOD#02: Talking about Preferences

Q1 Which do you prefer? Beer or wine?
A1 Oh, I definitely like wine more than beer.
Q2 Tea or coffee?
A2 I prefer coffee to tea.
Q3 Spring or Autumn?
A3 I couldn’t say. I like both.
Q4 The summer or the winter?
A4 I much prefer summer.

Q5 Traveling by train or by bus?
A5 For me, the train is by far the more comfortable way to travel.
Q6 Do you prefer jazz or pop?
A6 Neither one. They are noise to my ears.
Q7 Do you prefer classical music or rock music?
A7 I’d rather not listen to either one.
Q8 Do you prefer spaghetti or noodles?
A8 Hmmm. I’d much rather eat spaghetti.

Q9 Do you prefer rice or potatoes?
A9 I’m of Irish descent. What do YOU think? Take a wild guess!
Q10 Do you prefer surfing the internet or watching TV?
A10 For me, passively surfing the internet is infinitely more preferable to passively watching TV.
Q11 What’s more interesting for you? Fiction or non-fiction books?
A11 I much prefer reading non-fiction.
Q12 Where would you prefer to go on holiday? The beach or the mountains?
A12 Actually, neither. I’m happier at home.

MOD#03: Talking about Daily Routine

Q1 What time do you wake up?
A1 I wake up at six.
Q2 What time do you get up?
A2 I get up at five past six.
Q3 What time do you leave for work?
A3 I leave home at seven ten.
Q4 What time do you get to work?
A4 I get to work at seven-thirty.

Q5 What time do you start work?
A5 I start work at a seven forty five
Q6 What time do you have a morning break?
A6 I have a morning break at about ten fifteen.
Q7 What time do you have lunch?
A7 My lunch break is from around eleven thirty
Q8 What time do you finish work?
A8 I finish just before five pm.

Q9 What time do you leave work?
A9 I like to get away at five o’clock on the dot.
Q10 What time do you get home?
A10 I get home a little after six.
Q11 What time do you have dinner?
A11 I have dinner at around eight.
Q12 What time do you go to bed?
A12 I usually go to bed just before midnight.

MOD#04: Talking about Work #1

Q1 Have you ever responded to an email in English?
A1 I write emails in English every day.
Q2 Have you ever written a letter or fax in English?
A2 No, I haven’t, never.
Q3 Have you ever attended a conference in English?
A3 Yes, I attended a conference in English in London.
Q4 Have you ever given a speech in English? A4 Yes, I have. I gave a speech at my friend’s wedding.

Q5 Have you ever listened to a talk in English?
A5 Yes, I have. Quite a few. I often listen to Ted talks with subtitles.
Q6 Have you ever spoken to your boss in English?
A6 No, I haven’t. My boss only speaks Japanese.
Q7 Have you ever given a presentation?
A7 Yes, I have, I give a presentation once a week. Two or three times a year I give presentations on our department’s latest developments.
Q8 Have you ever spoken in English on the phone?
A8 No, I haven’t. I prefer to use email.

Q9 Have you ever had a Skype convo in English?
A9 No. I prefer ZaTo to Skype.
Q10 Have you ever participated in a video conference in English?
A10 Yes. The design department does a vidcon once a month.
Q11 Have you ever written a report in English?
A11 Yes, many, I have to write daily reports.
Q12 Have you ever entertained any foreign businesspeople?
A12 Yes, I once took a group of Japanese businessmen to a karaoke bar.

MOD#05: Talking about Social Media

Q1 Do you use any social networking sites?
A1 Yes, I do. Just two. PlaceCrook and Eternagram
Q2 Which one do you use the most?
A2 I use PlaceCrook most.
Q3 How often do you check into this site?
A3 I check in every day.
Q4 What kind of things do you do there?
A4 I upload photos of food I’ve prepared.

Q5 Do you have an honest profile on it or do you use a fake name?
A5 Oh I’d never use my real name.
Q6 How much personal information do you share? What kind of information?
A6 I don’t share any personal info.
Q7 How many friends do you have on your preferred social media site?
A7 So many I’ve lost count.
Q8 Have you met any of these people face-to-face?
A8 No, I have no need to meet them.

Q9 Have you ever had a problem there? What kind of problem?
A9 Yes, I was stalked once by a Chinese chef. By a duck fanatic.
Q10 Do you have any concerns about privacy when using social media?
A10 No, I refuse to use Gaggle and insist on using a VPN.
Q11 What’s the nicest or most interesting thing that’s happened to you on social media?
A11 Anytime my followers click the like button.
Q12 What’s the worst thing?
A12 The worst thing is the invasion of privacy. I’m a very private person you see.

MOD#06: Talking about your Favourite Things

Q1 What do you do?
A1 I’m in between jobs at the moment.
Q2 Where are you from?
A2 Earth.
Q3 What’s your favorite color?
A3 I don’t know. Blue?
Q4 What’s your favourite food?
A4 Hamburgers.

Q5 What’s your favourite drink?
A5 Coca Cola.
Q6 Who’s your favorite movie star?
A6 Leonardo di Caprio.
Q7 Who’s your favourite writer?
A7 That guy who wrote The Little Prince.
Q8 What kind of music do you like?
A8 Rock.

Q9 What kind of books do you read?
A9 Science Fiction. Fantasy
Q10 What are your turn-ons?
A10 Men who make me laugh.
Q11 What are your turn-offs?
A11 Men who won’t stop talking about themselves or are always on their phones.
Q12 And the big question is: Is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
A12 Ask me that one in a little while.

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