Free Intro: Power Up Pronunciation

Day #04

Day #04:-
Life of a University Student #01

From the BYOD aka Build your Own Dialogue Course, here BYOD4US 

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Please make sure you have watched the introductory/how to/ explainer video

There are 3 easy but powerful things you can do and I suggest you do all 3.

1.1 Listen to the Qs & As;  then

1.2 Repeat ONLY the Qs using the recording function. Download and

2.1 Listen to the Qs & As; then

2.2 Repeat the As given using the recording function. Download.

3.1 Listen to the Qs & As; then

3.2 Give your own answers. Record and Download.

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Approx. duration of Activity: 10 Min 

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