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Welcome to Your

Free 4 -Day


Welcome To Your
Free 4-Day

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Pronunciation Power Up Intro

Scroll below for your introduction to the course:  

A pot pourri of mind-boggling activities
to get your English brain going:

DAY #1):   Self Talk & Auto-Motivation: GET SOME R.O.I.
DAY #2):   AggA / MadaD / BYOD / A collection of activities for Building Memorizing Conversational Paradigms n 
DAY #3):  Expanding your vocal range:  WHAT DO YOU WANT?
DAY #4):   Automatic Response Training!?– So your mind doesn’t have to think so much! 😉 

Approx. (or average) duration (for Late-Beginner Level): 37-49 Min  + 1-2 Min warm-up + cool down each session 

Some General Advice
For You Before You Start

Almost all of the activities and exercises can be done on your mobile. We advise strong against this, however, since it does not always encourage full concentration and focus on the task at hand.


Set aside from between 7 to 13 minutes each day for the next 14 days for each activity; this will include a 2 or 3 minute psyching up mental warm up at the beginning and a 50 second cool-down. 

It is possible to do all of the exercises in one day. This is NOT advisable.  Quality is more important than quantity I am sure you will agree.  I guarantee that by the time you finish, you will be able to  engage in the following more confidently, with more energy, clarity and enthusiasm…

It is also preferable that you DO NOT USE your MOBILE PHONE when doing the exercises.

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Day #01 :- Self-Talk:
Giving Yourself Advice

Today’s Activity: Self-talk: Telling Yourself:
What is the Best Thing to Do; and /or
What is the Best Course of Action; and / or 
What You Need to Get


Talk to yourself in this Power UP Pronunciation Activity!
It’s quite an easy one – only 17 words in 13 seconds with 6 semantic units – but
VERY powerful

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Day #02 :- Activities Combo:

You will need to synchronize all your senses to develop the skills required in the next group of activities.

Like all of the activities here at ArtyEnglish they function perfectly as STANDALONE  skill development exercises.

The greatest thing about them, however, is the way the single purpose of each one seamlessly dovetails with many of the others, forcing you to see English NOT as a static mono-directional, single function entity but as a vehicle for linguistic and cultural multidimensionality. 

read my many lips circle

Day #03 :- RML aka Read My Lips!
What do They Say?
What Do YOU Want?

From the READ MY LIPS Division of ArtyEnglish
Yet another easy one-though not as easy as your might think


Watch how one actor says one thing in four different ways.
All you have to do is: DO THE SAME
Listen, listen again, then repeat & memorize!
http: //holomeme.net/rml/01-02_wdyw/

read my many lips circle
bearded man shaking head on mobile
bearded man shaking head on mobile

Day #04:- A-R-T aka
Automatic Response Training

………in your ArtyEnglish Automatic Response Training Session
                       – A real head turner !!!-
. via 7 relatively easy drills,
Your English mind becomes …
                            … a little More Flexible
                                      … a little More Open
                                               …a little Less Cluttered

You have to put in the work however.
You have to sweat.

The Payback, however– the ROI or return on your investment…

you ALMOST won’t believe