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Module#01 Talking about your University and Professors

Day #01

what university do you go to
What university do you go to?

Day #02

think of teacher
What do you think of your professors

Day #03

enjoy study
Do you enjoy studying?

Before continuing, it is advisable that you do the 4Rs.
If you do not use these questions on a daily basis, you ABSOLUTELY need to bring the dialogues back to mind on a regular basis. For one idea on how to carry out the 4Rs session go here. The 4Rs are:


Watch the video below to see one way of doing the 4R routine. This particular example can also be used as both a REview and PREview for the Module.  BEFORE continuing make sure you do the review exercises and acivities.

Day #04

Day #05

For advanced Active Recall Training using Spaced Repetition to ensure that you can memorize the conversational paradigms,  please download the app then install one of both of the above files.

Module #2: Talking about your University Part #2

Day #06

how many hours in a day
How many hours of study do you do?

Day #07

favourite things
Do you have a favourite professor?

Day #08

How has your life changed?

Day #09

Day #10

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Module #3: You and Social Media

Day #11

social Media 4
How many social media sites do you use?

Day #12

Do you have many followers or friends?

Day #13

inspiring post
Have you ever read any inspirational posts?

Day #14

Day #15

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Module #4: Why are you learning English?

Day #16

study Learn English
Why are you learning English?

Day #17

think Respond
Do you think English is difficult?

Day #18

like least
What do you like least about English?

Day #19

Day #20

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Module #5: Talking about your last semester break

Day #21

semester break
What did you do on your last semester break?

Day #22

icon how is weather
How was the weather?

Day #23

icon enjoy
What was the highlight of your trip?

Day #24

Day #25

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Module #6: Talking about where you live

Day #26

icon where you living
Where do you live?

Day #27

icon rooms in house
How many rooms are there?

Day #28

icon neighborhood
What's your neighbourhood like?

Day #29

Day #30

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Module#01 Talking about your University and professors

Name of university, year; your major and why you studied it; your professors; studying; enjoy or not; why/why not; hours of study; your dream job and why

Module#02 Life at University

Where study; How many hours studying alone or with peers; favourite and non favourite professors; class sizes; discussions and debates; how life has changed; making friends; what you like/dislike most about university life

Module#03 Social Media

Social Media sites you use; frequency of visiting and posting content; what kind of content; followers and how you react to their opinions; what inspires you; time spent on networking sites; are they dangerous?

Module#04 Reasons for Studying English

Why English; how and when you study; effective learning methods; English difficult; how it can help in your career and what you want to do with it; most important English skill and other languages.

Module#05 Last Semester Break

What you did; where you went; who you went with and where you stayed; weather; what did you eat and drink; how were the people?; what id you enjoy most. the highlight; any bad experiences? opportunites to speak English?

Module#06 Where you Live

City or town? House or apartment; big or small; urban or rural; number of rooms; favourite room; who you live with; describing your neighborhood and neighbors? Dream house?

All the Qs & As

Module # 1 Talking about your University and Professors

Q1 What university do you go to? 
A1 I go to MIT.
Q2 What year are you in? 
A2 I’m in my final year.
Q3 What’s your major? 
A3 Chaos theory. 
Q4 What made you study that? 
A4 I like to examine the underlying order in the apparent randomness of complex chaotic systems.

Q5 What do you think of your professors?
A5 They’re great. Most of them are experts in their fields, very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile with their students.
Q6 Do you have to study languages? 
A6 Yes, English is mandatory and both German and Japanese are useful options.
Q7 Do you ever miss lectures? 
A7 Only very occasionally. 
Q8 When was the last time you missed a lecture? 
A8 This morning. To answer your questions.

Q9 Do you enjoy studying?
A9 Yes, I do. I can’t remember a day I’ve not enjoyed learning.
Q10 How many hours a week outside of college do you study? 
A10 We have lectures, seminars and tutorials for 20 hours a week. On top of that, to keep up, I probably do about another 60 hours. 
Q11 What’s your dream job? What do you want to do after you graduate? 
A11 I want to be a Traffic Management Consultant in Hanoi.
Q12 Why do you want to do that?
A12 Quite simply, I’d like to revolutionize the transportation system of Hanoi. I want to make the roads and streets and alleyways in the city safer for pedestrians. There are far too many traffic accidents. Not just in Hanoi but all over Vietnam.

Module # 2 Life at University

Q1 How many hours study at home do you do during a normal week? 
A1 Very little, in fact. It’s much too noisy at home. I much prefer to study in the library. 
Q2 Do you prefer to study alone or with your classmates? 
A2 Oh, I much rather studying with others. That way I don’t have to think too much and I can steal their ideas. 
Q3 Which do you think is better, studying alone or in study groups? 
A3 It depends on the person really. When I study alone I can usually concentrate more and set my own pace and direction. Studying with others gives me different angles which I otherwise would not have thought of. 
Q4 What do you think of exams? 
A4 Basically, although they encourage mindfulness and a certain focus, I tend to think they place too much unnecessary stress on a great number of students.

Q5 Do you have a favourite professor? 
A5 Yes, my writing tutor, Professor Wright….He’s so hot! ……on grammar……..And he really knows how to PUNK…ctuate. 
Q6 Are there any professors you dislike? 
A6 No, not really, but I really wish Ms. Malodorous would take a shower more often. She really lives up to her name. 
Q7 How many students are there in your classes? 
A7 About 50. Not an ideal number. There isn’t enough interaction between students and professors and classes are often too teacher centered. 
Q8 Do you enjoy taking part in class discussions and debates? 
A8 Yes, such activities help people develop essential critical thinking skills. Very important in a world inundated with corporate malfeasance, fake media and so on and so forth.

Q9 How has your life changed since starting college? 
A9 Externally, quite a bit. I go out a lot more. Internally, I think I’ve become a more inquisitive, creative and thoughtful person. 
Q10 Have you found it easy to make new friends? 
A10 Yes, I have no problems making friends. 
Q11 What do like most about university life? 
A11 Oh definitely the bar. It’s the only place I can really let my hair down….. 
Q12 What do you dislike about your university? 
A12 The amount of study we have to do outside of class. I do at least 70 hours a week.

Module #3 Social Media

Q1 How many social media sites do you use? 
A1 I really love fruit so Peach, Avocado, Papaya and Apricot are my preferred Social network gateways.
Q2 Which one do you most frequently use? 
A2 Actually, I couldn’t say. I spend an equal amount of time on each.
Q3 How often do you post content? 
A3 A minimum of once per day. This seems to be the optimum frequency to maximize fan engagement.
Q4 What kind of content do you post? 
A4 My view is that anything that expands people’s awareness of the benefits and beauty of fruit is a good thing. I once posted an article and video explaining how to best peel an orange. It was only 25 seconds long but it went viral and got over a million views in less than 24 hours.

Q5 Do you have many followers or friends? 
A5 The last time I looked I had 600,000 virtual buddies. I have no idea how many are real people. 
Q6 How do you react when someone gives a thumbs-down to one of your posts? 
A6 I do nothing. People are entitled to their opinions. If they don’t agree with me or don’t like something, it’s fine with me. No problem! 
Q7 How much time online do you spend on social networking sites? 
A7 No more than 5/5 (pron. fivefive)…5 hours 5 days a week. I’d like to spend more but I do still have a day job.
Q8 Do you think people in general and you in particular should spend less time on social media? 
A8 Not at all. Why should I think such a thing! The digital world is a far safer place than the real one.

Q9 Have you ever read someone else’s post that has inspired you to act in an unexpected way? 
A9 Oh yes, all the time. The world is full of amazing people with brilliant ideas. One of the craziest articles on fruit I read was the ban on eating durian in public spaces. I’d never tried one so I immediately went out and bought one. Taste of heaven!
Q10 Has a post ever made you feel infuriated or insulted? 
A10 Yes, I once read an article about a man who was making disparaging remarks about strawberries that bordered on insults. Just because someone is allergic to a certain fruit does not give them such a right.
Q11 Do you think social networking sites can be dangerous? In what way? 
A11 Yes, I think people can become too obsessed. With more and more people spending more and more time in the digital world, the possibility of them becoming dysfunctional increases exponentially. This will most likely lead to the collapse of civilization as we know it. I’m worried.
Q12 Do you think social media should be regulated by governments? 
A12 No, I do not. I personally think governments already intrude upon our daily lives quite enough. Fruit is a very personal thing and neither objectifying nor eating it should be stigmatized. People should be able to say whatever they like about mangoes, jackfruit, guava and so on, and not have their free speech curtailed in any way.

Module #4 Reasons for Studying English

Q1 Why are you learning English? 
A1 Firstly, because it’s the most commonly spoken language in the world. Secondly, it’s the language of the Internet. And thirdly, it’s fun and expands your mind. I could tell you many more reasons, of course.
Q2 How often do you practice English? 
A2 I like to do something related to English at least once every day.
Q3 What’s your favourite way to practice English? 
A3 I do a lot of shadowing. I listen to a sentence then repeat it, trying to focus on the rhythm, intonation and pronunciation. 
Q4 How do you think you could learn more effectively? 
A4 I should read more. I don’t read nearly enough English. Oh, and writing, too. I need to do more of that.

Q5 Do you think English is difficult? 
A5 No, I don’t, not if you work at it. Scientists say that learning it makes our brain grow. My small brain needs to grow bigger.
Q6 What’s the most difficult English skill? 
A6 The most difficult English skill is listening. It’s the only one we have no control of. There are so many accents and so many words for the same thing.
Q7 What’s the easiest part of learning English? 
A7 English has a basically simple alphabet and compared to many other languages, you can learn it fairly quickly. It doesn’t have to take forever.
Q8 What do you enjoy the most about learning English? 
A8 I love being able to understand the dialogues in movies without subtitles. Oh, and song lyrics, too.

Q9 What do you like least about studying English? 
A9 I don’t have enough time. There aren’t enough hours in a day.
Q10 In what ways can the study of English help you in your career? 
A10 I want to become a tour guide in my town. Show visitors the beauty of my country. Without English this, of course, would be an impossible dream.
Q11 What’s the most important English skill you would like to develop? 
A11 Oh, creative thinking. In fact, it’s not just an English skill but an essential life skill we cannot live without in this modern age. 
Q12 Have you ever studied another language? 
A12 Yes, I’m also studying Spanish at the moment. It’s quite easy because so many Spanish words are very similar to their English equivalents.

Module #5 Last Semester Break

Q1 What did you do on your last Semester break? 
A1 I went to the south of Vietnam
Q2 How did you get there? 
A2 We flew Air Emu. First class of course.
Q3 Who did you go with? 
A2 I went with my girlfriend Samantha. We’ve been together since kindergarten.
Q4 Where did you stay? 
A4 We stayed at the hotel of one of my clients. It’s a five-star beachfront resort near Halong Bay.

Q5 How was the weather? 
A5 For me, it was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Sunny, cloudless skies filled with blue and a gentle breeze.
Q6 And what was the food like? 
A6 Oh, we were terribly spoilt in the cuisine department. Every day the hotel cook prepared a different fusion dish using only the freshest ingredients from their organic vegetable garden.
Q7 What did you drink? 
A7 Usually beer, but I did get to try some liquor infused with scorpion, snake and ginseng. Did that have a kick to it!
Q8 What about the local people? How were they? 
A8 They were fantastic. The men are said to drink 250 million liters of home-made alcohol a year. I don’t know where they put it!

Q9 What did you enjoy most about your trip? What was the highlight? 
A9 Oh, I learnt how to make Spring rolls. What a fantastic experience it was! I don’t usually have time for cooking, but there, we had all the time in the world. 
Q10 What cool or interesting things did you do? 
A10 For me, just lazing about on the beach was the coolest experience. Reading a book. I never have time to read for pleasure unless I’m on holiday.
Q11 Did you have any unpleasant experiences? 
A11 I didn’t but Sam did. She got stung by a jellyfish. It wasn’t so serious
Q12 Did you have many opportunities to speak English? 
A12 Oh, all the time. All of the staff and all of the locals spoke excellent English. I was surprized to hear that they’d mostly taught themselves. Highly commendable, I must say.

Mod#06 Where you Live

Q1 Where do you live? 
A1 I live in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.
Q2 Do you live in a house or an apartment? 
A2 Both actually. An apartment in a house. It’s on the fourth floor of a long, thin, tall building, a so-called tube house with five floors.
Q3 Is it a big place or a small place? 
A3 For Hanoi, I think it’s quite a big place.
Q4 Are you located in the center of town or in the suburbs? 
A4 The house is located in an urban district on the north side of central Hanoi. It’s very close to one of Hanoi’s most famous historical areas called the Old Quarter. It attracts a huge number of tourists.

Q5 How many rooms are there? What are they? 
A5 On the ground floor there’s a courtyard, entrance, hall, kitchen, dining room and living space. There are bedrooms and living space on the second and third floors. My apartment has direct access to a balcony and terrace on the top floor.
Q6 What’s your favourite room? Tell me why? 
A6 My favourite room is the study …It’s a quiet room and full of books, like a library. Speaking is strictly prohibited in this room, so it’s generally a very peaceful place.
Q7 Which room do you spend most of your time in? 
A7 I spend most of my time in the bedroom. I like to sleep.
Q8 Who do you live with? 
A8 I share the house with about 20 other students, along with innumerable strange creatures: intrusions of cockroaches, ratpacks, colonies of ants and other assorted insect-undesirables.

Q9 Could you describe your neighbourhood? Is it noisy or quiet? 
A9 My neighbourhood is very noisy: car and motorcycle horns, the barking of dogs, wailing of cats, crowing roosters are just a few of the everyday sounds.
Q10 What amenities are there, for example parks, hospitals, shops? 
A10 Just about everything I need at any time is within a 500 meter radius of where I live. The gym where I work out and do yoga is only about a ten-minute walk away.
Q11 What are the neighbours like? 
A11 My neighbours are wonderful people. I couldn’t wish for better people to have living around me.
Q12 What’s your dream house? Can you describe it? Where is it, what’s it like, etc? 
A12 My dream is to live in a castle in Tuscany. I’m also learning Italian and hope to visit some castles in Italy there next year.

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