Day #001

Day #001 :-
@PAQs with BYOD aka Practise Asking Questions

Not nearly enough people ask enough Questions.

From the BYOD aka Build your Own Dialogue Modules. Practice asking someone about: 

where they’re living;
their hometown;
its population;
best time to visit.

Practise being Creative! Learn to be Silly!

This  someone could be YOU so you can practise giving answers, too.  What excellent prep at elementary level for the spoken part of the IELTS exam!

Activity #01

Activity #2

Please make sure you have watched the introductory/how to/ explainer video

There are 3 easy but powerful things you can do and I suggest you do all 3.
1) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat Qs using the recording function. Download.
2) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat the As given using the recording function. Download.
3) Listen to the Qs & As then give your own answers. Record and Download.

For a transcript of all the Qs and As you need to enrol as a FREE MEMBER at ArtyEnglish.
Click on the Free Sign up button here
then go to the section “ALL THE Qs & As”

Approx. duration: 10 Min 

Click “Start Now” button below to play here

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