Day #04

Day #04:> 4 x 150-Second Activities

Today’s session requires a no-nonsense, rapid, quickfire approach

There are 4 Activities. On each you should not spend longer than two or two and a half minutes. Yup, that’s  a max of 150 seconds  

Set the timer on your mobile phone. Don’t stress out if you can’t finish an exercise within the allotted time. 

Jump straight to the next exercise. You will have time in future session to catch up …

14d/4-1@IPPA#1 aka Intensive Power Pronunciation Activity
ie Practice Getting Stress Right in Questions

 Also Memory Training. Listen and repeat WITHOUT looking at the text FIRST….You’ll need to listen very carefully.


14d/4-2@MAQAAR#1 aka Matching Audio Questions and Audio Responses

Also a Memory Game: once you have a match, listen and repeat each Q and A

14d/4-3@LAWTS#1 aka Listen & Write aka Dictation then Speak
(Do a Shadowing Exercise if required)

Listen Carefully and Write the Sentences you Hear. then Speak

14d/4-4@RAATA#01 aka Read And Then Talk Aloud (then Check)

Speaking slowly and with clear enunciation, say the words you can see.