Welcome to Module #02

**Doing the activities here is not just about getting the correct answers: what it’s about is helping you to explore how you learn and discover the optimal route via the English speaking world: expanding your knowledge; broadening your horizons; and opening up previously unthought of vistas. And enjoying it. Enjoying yourself.

                         Enjoy!!!                       …………………    楽しんでください!

Activity #01:- RANIF
aka Remembering A Native Indian Prophesy

Be Bold in Your Dreams!

Activity #02:- MULCHO
aka Multiple Choice

Be Bold in Your Dreams!

Q#19 PPP aka
Pronunciation Power Practice

Speak Loud and Slow and as Clear  

Q#20 LAW aka Listen and Write (What You Hear)!

Just a kinda fancy way of saying dictation; click speaker below left to hear.

Question #21:-- SongBird Sound Recognition and Memory Training: Matching Exercise

Match the songs and sounds of birds from Australia

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