Ngày / Day / Día / 日


Watch (the) Video / Answer (the) Qs

Blackish satirical humour  from a comedy group unafraid to make fun of themselves or the Australian way of life. NOTE: In this kind of activity, 100 percent accuracy of translation is not essential. The Google subtitles generated  also provide invaluable and non-judgemental practice in translating BAD JAPANESE into GOOD JAPANESE.


aka Read And Then Speak Out Loud

An Read & Talk Exercise- with easy chunking  (maximum 9 syllables!) so you can focus on intonation enunciation practice


ACTIVITY #3: LAW-FIB aka Listen and Write-Fill In Blank

Just a kinda fancy way of saying dictation; click the plate of tempura  below and listen.
Write the missing words and then-as an extra bonus- you might also do a SHAPRA aka shadowing practice
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