Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #039

aka Watch Video Answer Qs

A classic scene from one of the greatest films ever: made by one of the most renegade directors in the history of Spanish cinema.  If you haven’t seen this film by Luis Bunuel– a one time collaborator of Salvatore Dali , well, what can I say but you’re missing a chance to radically change your thinking. ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is an absolute must see. Put it on your bucket list. NOW!>>>>  Read/ Watch/ Listen /Do the exercises/ Answer the questions embedded in the video. Then have a go at some more further below

aka Fluency Practice (Common Functional English)

A Read & Talk Exercise- with easy chunking  (maximum 9 syllables!) so you can focus on intonation enunciation practice. Recreate the emotion of the original speaker.

Voice recognition AI only works on Chrome or CocCoc browsers; and preferably desktop / 音声認識AIはChromeまたはCocCocブラウザでのみ機能します.

39-2.1 @ How to express enthusiasm

39-2.2 @ How to offer someone something

39-2.3 @ How to accept an offer

39-2.4 @ How to ask about someone's vacation

39-2.5 @ How to apologize for using inappropriate language

39-2.6 @ How to express surprize by repeating what you hear

39-2.7 @ How to express surprize using a standard expression

39-2.8 @ How to ask where something is.

39-2.9 @ How to make a polite request


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