Day #088

Holiday in Vietnam: Part #4 /6

ha long bay

Day #088@ MADAD plus Creative Visualization

Today we are revisting the previous day’s exercise to check your powers of recall. 

This is a RE-membering exercise..  ie memorizing once again to reinforce the memory

Practise energising the Power of  Creative Visualization in the Memorization Procedure.  The video in here and out there has to be put into YOUR HEAD… onto the SYNAPSES in YOUR MIND.. 

Can you recall the 4 Questions and 4 Answers from the Holo-MeMe (or Memory Image) below? 


ha long bay

Activate and Energize!
Your Powers of Creative Visualization

Can you recall the entire dialogue from yesterday’s activity? How about ONLY the questions? Use the memory images, ie holomemes to help you.

Play Video about eimo madadThumb4usM5 1

TAT aka
Transcript And Translation

Transcript provided by GoogleTranslate.  ‘Hmm…!’  You get the gist. Bad Japanese is all you need. 




A2エアエムを飛ばしました。 もちろんファーストクラス。


A3 ガールフレンドのサマンサと一緒に行きました ………. 私たちは幼稚園から一緒にいます。


A4クライアントのホテルに泊まりました。 シャーク湾近くの5つ星のビーチフロントリゾートです。

Q1 What did you do on your last Semester break?

A1 I went to the south of Vietnam

Q2 How did you get there?

A2 We flew Air Emu. First class of course.

Q3 Who did you go with?

A3 I went with my girlfriend Samantha. ………. .  We’ve been together since kindergarten.

Q4 Where did you stay?

A4 We stayed at the hotel of one of my clients. It’s a five-star beachfront resort near Shark Bay.