Day #089

Holiday in Vietnam: Part #5 /6

Day #089 :-
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Build Your Own Dialogue & Practise Asking Questions And Answers

Not nearly enough people ask enough Questions. Practise a 4 part Q & A dialogue and create a paradigm for it. 

From BYOD4US #21: Conversations with College Students
Topic: What was the highliight of the trip? 

Talk about 

  • the highlight of your holiday, 
  • cool and interesting things you did,
  • any unpleasant experiences you had,
  • how you managed whilst speaking English

Practise being Creative! Learn to be Silly!

Two of the keys to deep learning  !

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Activity #01
Practice Asking Questions  
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Please make sure you have watched the introductory/how to/ explainer video

There are 3 easy but powerful things you can do and I suggest you do all 3.
1) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat Qs using the recording function. Download.
2) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat the As given using the recording function. Download.
3) Listen to the Qs & As then give your own answers. Record and Download.

Approx. duration: 10 Min 

Click “今すぐ開始” button to start now

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Transcript And Translation

Transcript provided by GoogleTranslate.  ‘Hmm…!’  You get the gist. Bad Japanese is all you need. 




A2エアエムを飛ばしました。 もちろんファーストクラス。


A3 ガールフレンドのサマンサと一緒に行きました ………. 私たちは幼稚園から一緒にいます。


A4クライアントのホテルに泊まりました。 シャーク湾近くの5つ星のビーチフロントリゾートです。

Q9 What did you enjoy most about your trip? What was the highlight?
A9 Oh, I learnt how to make Spring rolls. What a fantastic experience it was! I don’t usually have time for cooking, but there, we had all the time in the world.
Q10 What cool or interesting things did you do?
A10 For me, just lazing about on the beach was the coolest experience. Reading a book. I never have time to read for pleasure unless I’m on holiday.
Q11 Did you have any unpleasant experiences?
A11 I didn’t but Sam did. She got stung by a jellyfish. It wasn’t so serious
Q12 Did you have many opportunities to speak English?
A12 Oh, all the time. All of the staff and all of the locals spoke excellent English. I was surprized to hear that they’d mostly taught themselves. Highly commendable, I must say.