Day #094

Preview of Days #95 and #96

Day #094 @KOMBO

Today is both a preparation for tomorrow’s activity and a general   Grammar and Vocabulary preview. 

The activities include work on matching word stress patterns,  checking your vocabulary level with some cloze exercises  AND  learning what  homonyms are and what to do about them .


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Activity#1@WSM aka
Word Stress Matching

Mentally recite what you think is the correct pronunciation of each word then drag and drop the corresponding Word Stress Pattern into the space provided. 

Activity#2@VOCEXEX aka
Vocabulary Expansion Exercises

Read each sentence with a word missing and then select one of the words below, dragging and dropping it into the correct space so that the sentence makes sense..

Activity#1@HAH aka
Highlight All Homophones

Homonyms are sometimes tricky little words. They sound the same but are spelt differently. Read the passage below in a loud voice and engage your  BSD ie Bad Spelling Detector. Click on the words  that are incorrect. (HINT: There are 10) Mentally recite the correct spelling.