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How to Offend Everyone)

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Mmm. This year you’ve probably noticed a massive problem we’re having.
It’s really hard to offend people.
Unfortunately, you can say anything to anyone and no one gets offended anymore.
That’s a problem.
Because getting offended and angry at each other is how we come together and bond as a society.
But with no one getting offended, peace and acceptance are tearing us apart.
But luckily we’re going to solve that problem today.
Because I’m going to share with you key lessons.
They will enable you to offend anyone.

Lesson #1

When you see someone playing the role of a victim, suggest that they’re something more than a victim.

You were dating a narcissist!? Why do you think you were a perfect match for them?


Because they feel more important and more of the victim than they are and they will not like it when you threaten them with empowerment.

Lesson #2

Identify challenges they have because of a lack of self-responsibility.

Then suggest they do have control over their situation.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say being severely obese isn’t good for your health and it’s because of how you live.

Ugh! Aggjh! It’s a condition.

You’re killing yourself. I’m just trying to help.

Lesson #3

Look for insecurities they try to hide and then boldly point them out.

With this Instagram filter and all the touch ups your face looks nothing like it does in real life.

Mm hmm!!!

Yep. Not hidden to me.

Lesson #4

Acknowledge science. I think there is a biological difference between men and women. That’s why there are two different words.

—Science-ist*!!!! . Sexist!!!!  Therefore it’s invalid. 

Their anger makes it sound true.

Lesson #5

Point out how they’re being a hypocrite to further their agenda.

I think you’re pretending Biden didn’t sexually harass anyone just because you don’t like Trump.

—–Well, it’s not really sexual harassment if Biden did it.

It sure is.

Lesson #6

Open your mind to something that their mind is closed to.

Hmm! What if Mr. Gates has HIS best interest in mind, not OURS?

—Ugh! Noooo. He wears a sweater.

Open mindset off a wildfire of offense.

Lesson #7

Look for something that’s true, that they pretend isn’t true. And then point it out. Jesus wasn’t white.

—How dare you!? I’ve seen pictures.

They don’t like seeing the truth.

Lesson #8

Look for people who are bored because they haven’t found their purpose and then say anything to them.

I like capitalism.

—You’re all that’s wrong in this world.

Because they don’t have anything better to do they’ll go to a level 10 offended on the Richter scale.

Lesson #9

When someone’s afraid, be unafraid.

I’m not any more scared of COVID than I am the flu.

–Huh! How can you say that? It’s going to kill trillions of people.

You not validating their fear scares them even more and therefore sends them into a fit of rage.

Lesson #10

Look at something they’ve mindlessly accepted without really thinking about it and then challenge it.

I don’t think there’s really 72 genders. I think there’s only 71.

—Hhuh! Canceled.

They won’t like questioning beliefs they’ve adopted based on emotional persuasion rather than rational thought.


And now you can finally have a break.

from all the divisive peace and acceptance that’s been plaguing the world as you help reunite people by knowing how to offend everyone.