Day #101

How to Lie: Part 1 of 3)

Day #101 @

 When did you first try wasabi? How was the experience? Do you remember? What did you think of it? How did it make you you feel? 


wasabi Surprise
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Transcript And Translation

Transcript provided by GoogleTranslate.  ‘Hmm…!’  You get the gist. Bad Japanese is all you need. 

 nYou’ve had sushi before haven’t you, Nanny Fine..
 mOh Yeah! Sure, sure sure sure…Huh! Smells like fish here. Oh look! Samples .Tastes a little rubbery.
 You’re eating the display 
 nYou’re turning into my mother. You know. Once she ate a half of a plastic Oreo cookie before she realized it was a refrigerator magnet…. 
Ms Babcock. Did you you ever think that a guy was coming onto you and it turns out that he really had no interest in you at all?
 mOh! Happens to me all the time.
 nHmmmmmmmmm. So, what’s the green stuff?
 mIt’s Wasabi. It’s like mustard. It gives it a real kick.
 nOoh, I love mustard. 
So, tell me. How’s working with Marvin Hamlisch?
 mHow should I know? I’ve never met the man.
 nWell. What about that picture in the paper? 
 mOh Nannifine….I know the editor. 
 mThe entire cover was a fake.
 nYou mean Pepe didn’t fly the plane?
mNanny Fine. You’ve got to help me. You have to get Maxwell to ask me back. 
 mPlease Nanny Fine. You’ve just got to do this for me. For all time’s sake. We go way back. 
 mRemember that time you ate the rubber shrimp? Hahaha Gha Gha haaaaaaaa… 
 nGee! You know that mustard really clears up the nasal passages. 
 nI LIKE it. I wonder how long it’s going to last.