Day #103
How to Lie to Everyone: Part #3

Day #103 @TLTU aka
They Lied To Us

They are LYING to us. Who are THEY? WHAT are they lying about? And WHY? Seriously funny comedy and news commentary from Lee Camp .

 Lee Camp is a comedian who thinks fast and speaks fast*. He does not mince his words and his lines are succinct, on-point and delivered with razor precision. 

Check out the interactive activity to test your vocabulary and comprehension and there are also some sentence transformation exercises to complete, which I hope, will give you some insights and deepen your understanding of this monstrous problem the world is facing at this point in time. 

*You may wish to slow down the video or give it a second viewing. Even a third. More of his caustic wit can be found at his youtube channel (if he is hasn’t been blacklisted AGAIN!!!  )

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Exercise Combination

Please start activity from the timestamp 2:05 (The third dot in the timeline ) 

Activity#2@PAQ aka
Practice Asking Questions
(and THINKING!! of the answers)

Activity#3@TAT aka
Transcript And Translation

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Caitlin Johnstone also pointed out former MI6 chief John Sawers told The Atlantic Council thinktank in February that Biden administration’s intelligence releases were based more on a general vibe than actual intelligence and were designed to manipulate rather than inform.

Designed to manipulate a general vibe?!

We’re trusting news stories based on a general vibe!

That’s insane! Besides, I thought the general vibe of the Biden administration was final days of Charlton Heston cursing at his diapers. Or Mr. Burns propped up using Spanx duct tape and embalming fluid.

Is that not the vibe we’re supposed to get.

That…That’s what I’ve been getting.

Don’t forget. The U.S. Government has a long history of lying to their own people. They lied us into
Vietnam Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Panama, Haiti, Guatemala, Chile…..

Hell, they even lied to me personally into a Mc Donald’s once. I thought the McRib sandwich must be made out of either ribs or Irish people.

But it’s neither.

The 22 page waiver you have to sign to buy one says so. And you have to sign in synthetic barbecue sauce.

Back in 2013, Congress even repealed the ban on spreading US government propaganda to Americans. Our ruling elite, wanted to make sure that they have the right to completely lie to us.

If we know the mainstream media and our government are literally making shit up to tell us about Russia, do we even need them anymore?

Could we make up stuff ourselves? Why doesn’t CNN just run with ‘Americans! Please stay home today and tell yourself some crazy shit about Russia.

Extra points for creativity.

So to sum up here, if the U. S. Government has now admitted they are making everything up, then shouldn’t the mainstream media stop reporting it as if it’s true?

And shouldn’t Americans stop believing the media’s trash?

Even if you’re opposed to the Russian invasion, like I am, opposed to NATO expansion, like I am, shouldn’t you still want the truth?

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Until next time. Keep fighting.


Optional Activity

Nothing much to do here. All you need to do is a 76 second video showing the expansion of the NATO alliance from 1949 to 2022. 

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