Day #106
How to Save The World

Telling it like it is.

Day #106 @STAUPCOM aka Stand Up Comedy with Excerpt with George Carlin WTV + TAQs + PAQ + PGA

When did you first try wasabi? How was the experience? Do you remember? What did you think of it? How did it make you you feel?

Watch this short scene from the 80s sitcom ‘The Nanny’ to see the surprizing effect wasabi has on one unsuspecting eater.

It is DEFINITELY not what you think.

After watching the clip, answer the vocabulary and comprehension questions underneath then check your recall.
George Carlin

Activity#1 @WTVA
Watch The Video Again

Activity#2 @ATQ aka
Answer The Questions


Activity3@PAQ aka
Practice Asking Questions

Listen to the questions first then  repeat. Check the accuracy of your pronunciation.  

Activity3@PAQAGA aka
Practice Asking Questions
And Giving Answers

Check that you have understood the content.

Activity@TAT aka
Transcript And Translation

Translation  courtesy of Mari 

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