Day #110
How to Please Everyone

Day #110 :-
@MADAD aka
Memorize a Dialogue A Day

@MADAD Memorizing A Simple, Super-Short 5-line dialogue
KEY LEARNING FOCI:  How to make someone feel good.
TOPIC: Bargain Shopping
FUNCTIONS: How to compliment someone on what they are wearing; one way to respond to a compliment.
TOOLS and TECHNIQUES: Memorizing a Dialogue using Creative Visualization, Chunking, Stress and Intonation Practice / Memory Images (HoloMemes & AGCs ie AudioGraphicCodes)

furCoat woman355

Part#1@WAM aka Watch And Memorize

Watch this short exchange between two friend. Then, using a mix of your own memorization ideas memorize the dialogue

Part#2@SAWAC aka
Say All Words And Check

See how good your pronunciation is.  Read the words and phrases a couple of times to practice; and get the feel. Then speak into the microphone. 

Part#3@TAT aka
Transcript And Translation

JapaneseTranslation thankfully provided by GOOGLE.  Open it up!
Recall the Memory Images and EXACT English words
Subvocalize or Speak Out Loud with Full Use of Vocal Apparatus and Gestures
(ie Activate All Your Kinaesthic/Audio and Visual Encoders)

A:はい。 それは非常に高価に見えます。
H:本当に! 高くはありませんでした。 中古品でした。
A:そうですか? それは二番目に見えません-持っていました。 それは真新しく見えます。

A: I like your fur coat, Helen.
H: Do you?
A: Yes. It looks very expensive.
H: Really! It wasn’t expensive. It was second-hand.
A: Was it? It doesn’t look second-had. It looks brand new.