Day #113 @Telling Anecdotes, Jokes and Describing A Picture

Stress, Intonation, Rhythm And Voice Enhancement Activities

Day #113 @BAMET aka Brain and Mind's Eye* Training

Yet another couple of activities which at first glance may seem to have absolutely no relation to your language learning jouney. DO NOT be fooled, however….

This is great stuff for improving both listening AND speaking..

Activity#1: Activity#1@WASOPAV aka Watch a Series of Pictures & Video and Listen to Bird Sounds
Activity#2@ASAP aka Associating Sound And Picture
Activity#3@MAAP aka Match Audio And Picture
@AAMP aka Avian Auditory Memory Practice

*And heart! And ear!!

eimo brainTrainBirdBlueMID 1

Activities #1 & #2@

A bird-filled visual and auditory delight  from beginning to end. The first part introduces the characters and the sounds they make. In the second part mentally try to associate each picture of a bird, its name and the sound it makes.

Activity#3@MUBSAP aka
Match Up Bird Sound And Picture

25 questions from the above video. Pause after each question and put on your thinking cap to answer them.

Activity#4@AAMP aka
Avian Auditory Memory Practice

In an avian variation of the classic memory game, all you have to do here is match up the birdsongs. As quickly as possible