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module #01


Build your own Dialogues for University Students: Module #01
Each review exercise (excluding the Interactive Video) should take between 60 and 90 seconds. All over and done with in less than 10 minutes

#01. Drag and Drop Memory Challenge with Text

Try to remember the sentences first without looking at the words below.

#02. Memorization Practice: Mental Drag & Drop

You may wish to use more familiar locations? YOUR university, perhaps?

#03. Listen/Read Answer and Imagine Question

Using your Creative Imagination in the Recall Procedure

#04. Listen & Write: Dictation

Listen Carefully and Write the Sentences you Hear.

#05. Read and Speak

Speaking slowly and with clear enunciation, say the words you can see.

#06. **Drawing to Help you Remember (*And Memorize!)

See how drawing can help you remember more.

Watch a simpler version of an interesting process on the following YouTube video.

 Version with Vietnamese subtitles is here


#07. Interactive Video

How one university student lives in the UK.

Click on the image below to watch the Interactive Video.

unusual lifestyles- van girl

Ready to go

Or to a cool place…?

holomeme for every