1. Holo-MeMeでは、流暢に英語を話し、要点を記憶、揺るぎない自信を獲得するためのトレーニングコースを受けることができます。

古代エジプト、ギリシャのニーモニック術、16世紀ヨーロッパのニーモニック芸術、近現代の神経科学的見地、コアNLPプロセス、語呂合わせ等に由来する計算しつくされたルーティーンの活用で、1) 楽しさと学習効率の最大化、2) 学習時間の最小化を実現し、3) 自信を成層圏まで打ち上げましょう。

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Ride The Pig

Awesome techniques and strategies for greater English fluency, memorization and confidence. 2 Using an exciting, calculated potpourri of definitive routines originating from ancient Egyptian and Greek mnemonic traditions, 16th century Europe memory arts, contemporary neuroscientific perspectives, core NLP processes, goroawase etc, see how you can 1) maximize enjoyment and learning; 2) minimize study time; and 3) see your confidence soar into the stratosphere


Memorization and Memorization: 4 Absolute Necessities

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2.マインドセットの変更+ 戦略の開発 = 可能性を高め、精神の窓を開く

心持ちを革新的に変更し、包括的戦略に基づく、シンプルかつ詳細なテクニックを使って、学習への意欲を解放することで * 以下の向上が期待できます。
1) 活力
2) 集中力
3) 認知の効率性


Through a radical shift in mindset and utilizing some simple and very specific techniques in some general strategies, see how you can ignite your passion and enthusiasm for learning a language*; thereby increasing your: 1)energy; 2) focus; and 3) cognitive effectiveness. (*Not only English)



Join us here at the beginning of an awesome journey in which you have a 100 % guarantee to increase your fluency and confidence in English by at least 500%.

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そうです!あなたがどのような年齢であるかは関係ありません。 Holo-MeMelで、流暢に英語を話し、記憶力と自信を500%以上向上しましょう *

Yes, that's right! It doesn't matter how young or old you are... Here at efangoll you can increase your fluency, memorization power and confidence in English by at least 500%* Whether you are 5 or 50 years old ....9 or 99!!

5. 驚いていますか?そんな必要はありません!!


Surprized? No need for that! What are you waiting for? More details here, now, on how to get your free Modules containing skillsets for optimized Listening, Speaking & Memory Training. Available also here.

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6. リスニングの理解、流暢な発話、記憶力の増加を現実にする近代的手法.


Listening Comprehension,Oral Fluency and Memory Power UP through various (modern) methods Don't be caught out using outdated ineffective learning methods! Using songs, movie dialogues, dramas, comics, classic comedy and Sample Exam Test Papers. Here are but a few ways to Power UP your Fluency and Memorization skills leading to increased confidence..

7. 劇的な名場面を通して学ぶ.


Drama techniques through simulated reality involving YOUR way of thinking, YOUR emotions and YOUR feelings, have been proven to radically improve anyone's English. Learn here how put your total self into something you want to say. Go here for more benefits:


8. クラシックコメディを通して学ぶ!!


Through classic comedy! Mainly for improving your listening skills and teaching you ways to decipher authentic English- often confusing for even native speakers- these classic and contemporary sketches also have the added advantage of bringing out your inner comedian. Unleash your inner Charlie Chaplin!

9. 試験対策を通して学ぶ

eReverb®©™*テクニックを使って、TOEICやIELTSといった試験の難関リスニング問題を突破する糸口を見つけましょう。ホロミーム®により実現した2種類の、即効性の高く強力なメソッド * で、語彙を劇的に充足し、理解力を高め、苦手意識なく邁進する中で、TOEICの第五項目「リーディングセクション」での高得点を叩き出すのです。(* 基本的にはTOEIC初心者向けですが、上級者の理解の助けにもなります)


Exam Practice Test Strategies Using the eReverb®©™ technique, learn how to crack some of the most difficult aspects of the Listening Sections of TOIEC, IELTS etc. Using Holo-memes®, learn 2 quick and powerful ways* to dramatically increase vocabulary, improve comprehension and move toward fearlessless and mastery of parts of the Reading Sections eg Section 5 in TOIEC (*mainly for TOEIC novices but a mental boost also for those with higher scores). *Turbo-charged shadowing

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10. 陳腐な教科書の文章に活気を加え学習を加速!!!


Bring Banal Textbook Dialogues to Life and Learn from Them! Don't let a flat text from a boring textbook with uninspiring illustrations bring you down. In this module learn one of countless ways to sparkle up your road to complete mastery of any conversational exchange. Go here for your free sample and details on how to get more:

11. 外国の漫画を通して学ぶ


Quirky, thought-provoking comic stories, mainly from some alternative and underground small press from the 80's and 90's (but also a couple from corny mainstream American 50's memorabilia). (Go here for your free sample and details on how to get more:

(Go here for your free sample and details on how to get more: 無料サンプルはこちらからご確認下さい。


12. 音楽や歌を通して学ぶ


Through music and songs! You have all probably heard of the Mozart Effect. Whether you believe in this or not, there is absolutely no doubt that by employing a multisensory approach and incorporating a little singing, chanting and humming into your studies, (or even maybe throatsinging or yodelling; but I haven't tried these myself) you can dramatically enhance learning, concentration, and memory. Get out that imaginary ukelele or guitar from the closet and sing along.

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..........Piqued your interest? Curious to know more? Want some more free samples? Go here for more info & some free stuff. Leave your name and mail address here to immediately access the free stuff and here for details on a special deal open for a limited time only when you subscribe to ArtyEnglish

お名前とメールアドレスをここから入力して今すぐ無料教材を手に入れましょう。さらにここから、12週間続く16の学習コースに参加した場合にのみ利用可能な、期間限定のスペシャルキャンペーンがご覧頂けます(12〜24時間の集中講座つき *



- 言語能力を向上

- 自信を醸成

- 流暢な英語スキルを加速

- 自己表現力を開発

- 次に繋がるやる気を獲得

- 想像力を発現

- 個性を刺激

- 自立的思考を促進更し、包括的戦略に基づく、シンプルかつ詳細なテクニックを使って、学習への意欲を解放することで * 以下の向上が期待できます。
1) 活力
2) 集中力
3) 認知の効率性


Through Drama it has been scientifically proven that you can: - enhance linguistic abilities - increase confidence - augment fluency - develop self-expression - provide motivation - engender creativity - stimulate originality - encourage independent thinking.