@Madad #01a:
Is English Difficult?!

Test your skill in this 2-line Q and A challenge. Memorize the paradigm for life.

**duet or challenge 

Level: 1/4

@madad #01b

 You supply ONLY the answers. They can be your answers or the ones we have provided here.

 **duet or challenge 

Level: 1/4

@madad #01c: Where are You Living??



Good Luck! Enjoy!  Stay Safe!


Level: 1/4

Building Dialogues MAdAd
Click picture to view the video

@madad #01ccc: COOL, COOL SWEAT!

A full module from the Holo-MeMe Course; it incorporates: *) Play and Feel the Language (Fluency and Confidence Building Exercises); *)  Memorization Strategies; *) Remembering and Recycling the KEY language.


Level: 1/4

talking about your job funny money bunny

@Madad #2: What some People think of money?

Is it a gas? Or the root of all evil? Something else?

Level: 3/4

poster for pool tournament

@madad #03: The Pool Tournament: Part #1

Jack and Tom on a mission:to enjoy themselves.

I like your fur coat

@madad #04: Your Fur Coat. looks very expensive.

Learn here how to compliment someone on what they are wearing.

Level: 1/2

excuse me

@madad #05: Are you Vietnamese? Or what?

Learn how to say “Excuse me” once and for all. Down with prevarication!

Level: 1/2

poster for A Modern Couple 2

@madad #06: A Modern Couple Part #1 :> VIDEO ONLY

You be the judge here as to whether Sam and Jason are a C21st couple or not…

Level: 2/3

poster for shopping dialogue

#@madad #07: Shopping for Clothes Part #1

Five easy dialogues to make your shopping a pleasant experience.

Level: 1/2

And more Madad Below

poster for A Modern Couple variant

@madad#08: A Modern Couple of this century: Part #2

Noodles or Spaghetti? Which is better? Which has a more illustrious history?

Level: 1/2

I think you are in my seat


Kill two birds with one stone here: Memorize a 7-line dialogue and practice the use of contrastive stress.

Level: 1/2

poster HUMDRUM holidays

@madad #10: HumDrum! (or not!) Holidays

The most common questions to ask someone about their hols. And sample answers. 

Level: 1/2

poster for an american couple

@madad #11: A Modern Couple Part #3

Samantha and Jason have a problem. Watch how they  . efficiently dealt with it 

poster for 48 word shopping dialogue

@madad #12: Shopping for Clothes Part #2

What to do and say when you have a problem with what you’ve bought and find yourself in a tricky situation in a show.

Level: 2

spiral graph animated

@madad #13: Spirals and Fractals

Can geometric shapes assist the process of memorization and learning? You bet! More on this soon. Watch this vid from TED talks

Level: 5++

@madad #14: WHERE's my HEART?

The first MaDaD vid I created; a little crude, rough around the edges and  sloppily created, it does, nevertheless, fulfil the primary goal of Iintroducing 6 KEY questions a language learner must absolutely know.

Level: 1-4

MADAD4AAAA aka Memorizing dialogues for astute and adventurous adults

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Memorizing dialogues for college students

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Memorizing dialogues for super-savvy kids

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More MaDaD links below for members*:

Various levels, functions, pronunciation and grammar focus.

4-line Dialogues
6-line Dialogues
8-line Dialogues
10-12-24-line Dialogues

Titles of all the activities are:.

1. The Pool Tournament
2. Money Money Money
3. Language for Shopping #1
4. Language for Shopping #2
5. Where did I leave My Heart?
6. HumDrum Holidays
7. Cool Cool Sweat
8. I Cannot Sit There
9. Two Lost Souls
10. I Think that’s My Seat
11. True Romance
12. A Modern Couple #1
13. A Modern Couple #2
14. A Modern Couple #3
15. Jasmine and Cherry
16. What are you talking about?
17. Serbian Dreamer
18. What are you doing?
19. Why are you doing that?
20. Excuse me?
21. Read my Lips #2
22. Language for Shopping #
23. What do you do to Keep Fit?
24. Shopping for clothes 


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