14 Day Introductory Mini course

Day #08

A short but sweet collection of mindbending, mind expanding activities for your learning pleasure. To complete the exercises should take no longer than 11 minutes.

If it does take longer.. Don’t worry. Contact us via the form below in the event of any problems.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Some ready-to-go activities for you to ACTION……anytime  anywhere anyhow ……Essentials to help you reach your English peak……..

 Dialogue Building Review Exercises for Adventurous Adults: Module #06
Each review (excluding the Interactive Video) should take between 60 and 90 seconds. All over and done with in less than 10 minutes

Ex#01. Matching Audio Question/ Audio Answer Memory Game.

 Listen carefully in this Memory Game containing no Visual prompts. (Good exercise for
training Short-term Memory and/or Working Memory). You’ll need to listen very carefully here

Day#08@02. Correct or Incorrect?

Check the grammar of these sentences and mark them as CORRECT or INCORRECT. When you have the correct answer, look away from the screen and SAY it out LOUD

Day#08@03. Jumbled Words Drag 'n Drop

I wonder if you hate this kind of exercise as much as I used to… LEARN to love it…as I did.  The trick is to get the sentence in your head before you start dragging.  When you have y the sentence  correct, say it ALOUD to celebrate. YaY!!!! 

Day#08-@04. Listen & Write aka Dictation

Listen Carefully and Write the Sentences you Hear.

Day#08@05. Read the Sentences Aloud and Check

Speaking slowly and with clear enunciation, say the words you can see.

Day#08@06. Still More Remembering & Shadowing

Using your powers of Creative Visualization, first try to recall all four questions and their answers by gazing intently at the following picture. 

If you find yourself unable to recall the Qs &As the Shadowing Exercise below will jog your memory ** ONLY good on Chrome!!!