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You will need to sign up to create your own dialogue

There are 3 things you can do with the BYOD4US interactive exercise:

1) Shadow ie LISTEN and REPEAT the QUESTION 

2) Shadow ie LISTEN and REPEAT the ANSWER provided

Get the FEELING of the dialogue, understand it, and then…..

3)FEEL/THINK ABOUT your OWN answers then record them.

(Still easy but a little bit of thought and feeling required;

you might want to get some help from your regular teacher
or from one of your friends at HiNative
It’s free to join.)
It depends on your levels of

1) English
2) Pronunciation
3) Confidence

No 1 is of course the easiest. No 2 is still quite easy. No 3, requires a little bit of thought and feeling; also,

you might want to get some help from your regular teacher or from one of your native-speaking friends

YOu can make friends with people who can help at HiNative. It’s free to join so what are you waiting for? The final step is


4)DOWNLOAD the full dialogue and keep as evidence of your AWESOMENESS.

Watch a short Explanatory Video on the Procedure.

(This is for BYOD4  Smart Kids but the steps are the same.)

This short video has been created to provide you with Step by Step Instructions on how to Build your own Dialogue. Click anywhere to play the complete dialogue. Point to note here is that if you don't understand, you can click on the GoogleTranslate icon for a rough translation into your language. Click here to start exercise. Audio of question begins automatically. Click here to listen again. Click the eye icon to view text. Click the eye icon to hide text. Click here to listen to sample response. Click this microphone to record your voice. Click red microphone to stop recording. Click here to listen to your voice. If you're unhappy with the result click this red frowning smiley to go back and record again. Record a better version. Click here to proceed to next question. Response begins automatically. Click eye icons to view and hide text. Click here to listen to sample response. Take a closer look at the Memory Image for help with remembering the sentence. Click eye icon if you still don't understand. Click on text to get that Google Translation. Not a great translation I know! 🙁 But! You've basically got it now... :)) Click on the ArtyEnglish icon in the search bar to go back to exercise. Click here to record your response. Click here to listen to your voice. Click here to pause at anytime during playback of your recording. Click on the blue icon to download the complete dialogue. Wait for your download into your downloads folder to complete. Click here to listen to recording (and share on Facebook if you feel inclined . Click the blue leave button. (Ignore the message!!) Play the result of your awesome dialogue build. Click on Facebook icon to share with family and friends. Click here to close and return to beginning of exercise. Check your downloads folder to replay your recording. Remember to store it somewhere safe for easy retrieval. This is a record of your awesome English level at this stage of your long and fruitful language learning journey. Click on the link below to join and create many more.
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CHECK OUT SOME OF THE 20 PLUS ACTIVITIES FOR THE 4 rS FOR RECALL RECYCLING RECREATION REMEMBER REHASH REENACTMENT REVISION REVIEW RETHINK RELIVE REIMAGINE >>>FOR THREE TYPES OF STUDENT<<<< with more under development UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ADULT ( LATE LEARNERS KIDS OF ALL AGES ENGAGING THE 4 PRINCIPAL LEARNING MODALITIES Matching an Audio Question and a Visual Answer & Drag and Drop Images to a Text Box & Quiz for Remembering a Text & Interactive Video with Combination of Question Types & Listen and Write then Speak ie VOCALIZATION & Remembering a sequence of Questions VIA IMAGES & All kinds of Image and Text Matching (Occupations) & Multiple Choice/Blank Fill Combo & Read then Say and Check & Drag and Drop then Speak & Guessing the Question from the Answer ie << How to Talk to an Alien >> & Seeing an entire dialogue in an Instant.... & ...then not seeing it.............. So...What are you waiting for?? Signup now for your 14-Day Trial
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